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We are all faced with asbestos problems at one point of time or another and these challenges not only present a disturbance in our lives and severe discomfort, but also health risks.

Most of the time the asbestos problem is a result of obsolete material.

The difficult truth is that it is not easy to find an affordable asbestos company, which is very professional to handle problems quickly and efficiently as you wish.

When we come to deal with your asbestos problem, we show you what we find. When we decide the best method to fix the problem, we explain our reasons to you. When we have finished the work, we show you what we have done.

Our bills are only based on the actual work we have done. We do not charge for info, pre-service inspections or post-service inspections. And that's not because we want to compete. That's only because we believe that these things are a core part of our responsibility and service to you.

We do not hide anything behind technical jargon, we are also impatient with your questions. We are ordinary people who understand your right to know what happens to asbestos in your home, why it happens, what needs to be done and what you pay for.